Best Heart Rate Monitors in India

Looking for the best heart rate monitor in India, you have come to a right place. In this blog you will see our unbiased reviews of the top heart rate monitors. Check out our honest reviews, read our recommendations and tips on choosing the best heart rate monitor before making a decision on what to buy.

What is a Heart Rate Monitor?

Heart Rate Monitor in IndiaA heart rate monitor measures your heart rate during both periods of rest and exercise. The measurement is calculated in beats per minute, allowing you to determine trends over time. When you understand more about the function of your heart, you can better design your workout to positively impact your health and physical fitness.

Who uses heart rate monitors? Why do you need a heart rate monitor?

Heart rate monitors are used by athletes and health enthusiasts to track the number of beats per minute of their heart while engaged in cardio or other workout activities. These activities can include running, aerobics, biking, or using an elliptical machine. If your heart rate monitor indicates that your heart rate during exercise exceeds the expected level even when you are not at full exertion, discuss this with your medical practitioner. Heart rate monitors may also be used by individuals experiencing issues related to their heart, at the advice of their physician.

Why is choosing the best heart rate monitor important?

Finding and using the right heart rate monitor can help you to understand more about your own health and level of fitness while you engage in workout routines. It is important to understand two different heart rates when exercising. First, you must determine your resting heart rate – how many beats per minute does your heart produce when you are doing nothing more than sitting or standing. Then, factoring in your age, gender and physical fitness goals, you can determine what your maximum heart rate should be during cardio exercise. Your fitness goals will dictate what percentage of your maximum heart rate you should attain while working out – if you do not work out hard enough, you will not achieve your goals. If you work out too hard, you could damage your heart.

Best Heart Rate Monitors in India 2016

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Strap
Polar FT7 is truly sophisticated and advanced in its features to help you monitor and keep track of your heart rate and fitness level over time. Polar FT7 goes way beyond just being a heart rate monitor. This is actually a training computer. It consists of a transmitter which is attached to the chest and receiver which is generally put on wrist like any other heart rate monitor machine. But Polar FT7 has a coded transmission that prevents any crosslink with other HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) gadget transmission.

It consists of large digital display, and also has a back light feature. Polar FT7 model can count your days of exercise, your length of workouts, your calories, and can measure your HR zone. This gadget has a unique data recall feature where you can access data from your last 99 workout sessions, and hence can monitor and compare the amount of fat burnt, calories burnt

  • You can set upper and lower limits for your heart rate and so whenever you are out of the zone you can be warned by alarm.
  • Allow up to 99 training files to be stored along with a weekly history.
  • It also has a calorie count mechanism where you can monitor your calorie expenditure and percentage of fat burning calories through the Polar own cal technology.
  • This gadget is water resistant and is available in various colors.
  • You can transfer data to computer via Polar FlowLink. It is compatible with PC, MAC and
  • FT7 allows to display the zone you are in during a training session graphically. This helps you to maintain desired intensity zone.
  • This gadget comes with a very comfortable chest strap which is well ventilated and the receiver is basically wireless device and can be placed on your wrist or mounted on your bike with a lot of ease
  • Polar FT7 is ready to go at any time because it doesn’t have to be charged. Better yet, the batteries are the same ones that can be bought at just about any store that sells watches.

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Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband
The Fitbit Charge HR is an enhanced version of the Fitbit Charge activity tracker with a built-in OLED display. It continuously monitors and track your heartbeat. This heart rate monitor is slim and comfortable enough to wear all day, also comes in different colours and has an excellent supporting ecosystem. Fitbit gives an indication that the Charge HR will last for around five days on a single charge which I found to be accurate. The device comes with a small charging cable that plugs into the back of the strap and hooks up to a standard USB socket. A full charge will only take a couple of hours and a press of the button will let you know the progress.

As a step counter, the Fitbit Charge HR is solid. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s not a million miles off, and it’s consistent. Its estimates of how far you’ve walked are pretty worthless but I don’t really have a problem with that. Its calories burned estimates seem unusually accurate to me – a lot of fitness bands are clearly trying to flatter their wearers with ludicrously inflated calorie-burn numbers. That’s presumably helped by the HR monitor helping to give a more accurate estimate.

  • It’s very simple to use.
  • Nice and subtle looking, and the screen is generally easy to read.
  • Battery life is excellent, and step counting and heart rate monitoring were both highly accurate.
  • The web-based interface is nice, too, and it integrates with popular workout apps like Runtastic, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Strava, and others.
  • With a comfortable fit and Caller ID, Charge HR lets you stay connected in style. Use Exercise Mode to easily record workouts, see real-time exercise stats and have summaries automatically appear on your Fitbit dashboard
  • Monitor heart rate automatically and continuously right on your wrist

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Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch
The Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a running and multi-sport wrist training computer and heart rate sensor with strap that allows athletes to track, monitor and control their heart rate and various other aspects of physiology during fitness training sessions. The RS300X comes with a chest strap monitor that is easy to wear and helps accurately monitor your heart rate. This heart rate monitor includes heart rate tracking capabilities including, calories burned, variable heart rate, and training intensity guides.

Polar heart rate monitors can record and monitor up to 99 laps, each lap record safely recorded for review anytime. It is resistant to water with backlighting and zoom display. Not only does it measure heart rate but the watch feature actually does work too. Polar watches will alarm you when each target zone goes below or above limit during training. The Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch comes with an S1 pod for your foot to determine pace and distance in real time. It has with it a transmitter that is compatible with a sensor called G1 GPS.

  • Polar watches are the first of its kind, it has been tried and tested over the years and have been proved to be very reliable in tracking and storing your data.
  • The display is easy to see from multiple angles and is even easily readable in unfavorable conditions, such as in inclement weather, under water or in very bright sunlight.
  • Polar OwnZone® – This feature allows the user to avoid over-training and under-training, respectively, by providing real-time feedback of the users current state of readiness or lack thereof, based on monitoring heart rate variability.
  • Customizable display allows user to simultaneously see any three training measurements in real time
  • Selectable target heart rate zones with visual and audible alarms
  • The target zone and low-battery indicators increase your interaction with the heart rate monitor.

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GARMIN Forerunner 620 Watch HRM Bundle

GARMIN Forerunner 620 Watch HRM Bundle
The 620 has been released to replace the popular 610. It has come out at the same time as it’s lighter weight (both functionally and physical) little sibling, the new Garmin Foreunner 220. These new models share some common features, including high-resolution colour display. If you ever used a 610, you may have struggled operating the touch screen with gloves on, the 620 works more like an iPhone style display, even works fine with gloves on; the 620 is a touch-screen than works even if you’re wearing gloves. The 620, when used in conjunction with the new HRM-RUN chest strap, will give indoor speed and distance, as well as leg cadence (strides per minute) and stride length.

One of the new motivational features that we really like is your PERSONAL RECORDS. At the end of a run, the 620 will display a congratulatory, WELL DONE – PB message if you’ve just your best 1 Mile time, 5K time, 10K or similar. It’s these little touches that prove that Garmin work closely with runners of all abilities to give features that EVERYDAY runners will appreciate and take motivation from.

  • Touchscreen GPS running watch with high-resolution colour display that tracks distance, pace and heart rate
  • Calculates your recovery time and VO₂ max estimate when used with heart rate
  • HRM-Run monitor (chest strap) adds data for cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation
  • Connected features: automatic uploads to Garmin Connect™, live tracking, social media sharing
  • Compatible with free training plans from Garmin Connect

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Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate MonitoR

Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate MonitoR
The Timex Easy Trainer is a great entry level HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) machine. It consists of a digital wristwatch styled monitor which is very trendy and the digits on the display meter are also very large and readable. It consists of a chest trap which can wary from size 25 to 53 inches. The device attached the chest strap can provide inputs on your workout, as in the peaks and lows of the workout session and also the average activity time.

It has indiglo option and comes with a two year battery life. It is also water resistant and can withstand accidental water splashes but this does not mean that you can dive and swim with it.


  • The Timex Easy Trainer will help you to track and monitor your workout, and by analysing results displayed on the HRM you can plan your workouts.
  • It has an indiglo option and automatically glows in the dark, and is also water resistant.
  • It has a chest elastic strap which transmits the heart rate to the wrist device with the help of replaceable batteries.
  • The wrist monitor’s battery can be changed with a lot of ease, thereby making it a very user friendly gadget unlike other gadgets in recent times.
  • The Timex Easy Trainer is one of the best entry level heart rate monitor machine and is easy to operate. It adorns a very sporty look on the outside and thus can also create style statement when worn during workout sessions.
  • This entry level HRM gadget is priced very economically, especially if you see the reputed brand attached to it. This gadget is available at a throw away price of $32 online at Amazon, so go ahead and buy one for yourself.

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How can you choose the right heart rate monitor?

You can find the best heart rate monitor by evaluating different designs and functions.

  • Simple models strap directly to your body and provides a constant read out of your heart rate.
  • Multifunction models also provide information on the length of your workout or the range of your heart rate over the duration of your workout.
  • Digital watches with built-in heart rate monitors track your heart rate consistently and not just when you are exercising.
  • Built-in heart rate monitors on stationary bicycles, treadmills and elliptical machines gather information including your normal resting heart rate, age and gender and tests your heart rate at specific times over the course of your work out.

Top 7 Tips for Choosing a Heart Rate Monitor

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to heart rate monitors and it is important to choose one which will serve its purpose. In order to find the best heart rate monitor, here are the top 7 tips for choosing a heart rate monitor.

Tip # 1: Know what your goal is

Heart rate monitors differ in features and it is best that you know what you want for your HRM. There’s always a

  • General Fitness: Choose a heart rate monitor that provides fitness information and training intensity.
  • Sports: Look for a heart rate monitor that provides multi-sport support, feedback, and other advanced features like having a GPS. Running heart rate monitors have always been popular heart monitor choices.
  • Weight Loss: There are heart rate monitors that give information on your heart rate as well as the calories you burned.

Tip # 2: Check the features

There are heart rate monitors that is a combination of a wrist watch and a pulse heart rate monitor. You’d also want to consider if you want a simple heart rate monitor or you want the more complex types.

Some other features of heart rate monitors include:

  • Have ECG accuracy readings
  • Target zone recorder
  • Multiple User option
  • Fitness test
  • Calorie Counter and Calculator
  • Pedometer
  • Stop watch
  • Water resistant

You’d also want to consider a heart rate monitor that’s easy to use and that you can read the screen easily.

Tip # 3: Look for a trusted brand

It is no surprise that a lot of companies who specialize in manufacturing healthcare equipment come out with their own version of heart rate monitors. But there are the trusted brands that athletes and experts recommend. Here are some of them:

• Polar – Polar is one of the leading brands in heart rate monitors. They sell high quality heart monitors which are mostly inclined with sports performance, rehabilitation, and weight management. Some of the notable Polar heart rate monitors include Polar FT 4, Polar G3 GPS sensor, and the Polar F6 fitness heart rate monitor.

• Timex – Timex, one of the best watch manufacturers, also come out with their own version of heart rate monitors. The Timex Ironman heart rate monitor series boasts of performance and functionality.

• Omron – Omron is another trusted brand in fitness and health care products. One of its heart rate monitors is the Omron HR-100C which has an easy program monitor, alarm option for heart rates, time display and is water resistant.

• Garmin – Garmin is another manufacturer of heart rate monitors that came out with the Forerunner 305. This heart rate monitor particularly does a lot of tracking and it can also compare previous workouts with the current one so you can check improvement and follow up on progress.

Tip # 4: Check your budget

Heart rate monitors differ in prices which depend on their functionality and features. Cost for heart rate monitors that have simple heart rate tracking features, calorie counter and stop watch range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000. Heart monitors which can track your progress and customize workouts cost about Rs10,000 to Rs 15,000. And the more complex ones like those with GPS or comparison functions is priced at Rs 15,000 and up.

Tip # 5: Consider the look, comfort and style

Each manufacturer of heart rate monitors come out with its own unique functions that each individual may be looking for. But it is also one consideration if the particular heart monitor model reflects your personality. After knowing what type of heart rate monitor you need, check out the styles for each manufacturer and choose which fits you best.

Tip # 6: Strap it up

Be sure to get the heart rate monitors with secured and snug straps. If the straps don’t fit properly, the heart monitor reading won’t be as accurate. Also check on the comfort of the chest strap and the watch strap. And be wary of the material used for the straps as low grade materials may chafe easily or may cause allergic reactions.

Tip # 7: Read reviews

It’s always best to check out the merchandise you are about to buy. Especially with heart rate monitors, you will need to make sure that whatever brand and model you are eyeing has good feedback. It’s not enough that you depend on your judgment because of what it looks like. Read heart rate monitor reviews online for your own peace of mind before hitting the store.


It is important to give careful consideration to how you will use your monitor before selecting a specific device. Regardless of which option is best for your own needs, using it frequently and consistently can have a positive impact on your overall physical fitness. By considering whether you want constant read outs, simple or complex data, or just want occasionally readings when using a specific piece of exercise equipment, you can find the best heart rate monitor for your own health and fitness goals.